Comprehensive Listing Services to Get Your Property Sold

When you’re trying to sell or lease your commercial real estate, you need to work with brokers who have extensive experience. Turn to Carolina Commercial Realty Inc. for all your commercial property assessment, listing, and marketing needs. We’ll make sure your property gets sold or rented quickly and with minimal hassle on your end. Located in Greensboro and Wilmington, North Carolina, our firm has been providing comprehensive real estate listing services since 1999.

Our selling services include more than simply listing your property and waiting for a buyer to contact us. In addition to extensive marketing and networking, we’re able to provide referrals to legal representatives, financial advisors, tax advisors, and any other professional you may need to help you streamline the selling process. We also have the skills and experience to prepare and present all the documents you may need throughout the selling or leasing process, including the following:

  • Disclosure Forms
  • Representation Agreement
  • Financial Information
  • Tax Assessments
  • Property Surveys
  • Appraisals
  • Purchase Offer Agreements

Expert Real Estate Brokers Who Know How to Sell Properties

You wouldn’t want to leave the successful sale of your commercial real estate in the hands of an inexperienced real estate broker, so count on our team to make sure you get the best terms possible. From property marketing to properly handling the paperwork involved in the sale, we have the experience needed to streamline the entire process while ensuring that you get a reasonable price for your property.

We help you come to a reasonable asking price by assessing the property to determine its most desirable features and any of its defects. In addition, we measure, photograph, and fully document the property to quantify and define its marketability. Whether you’re selling or leasing your commercial real estate, you can count on us to fully analyze the situation and come to the most profitable conclusions for you.

Comprehensive Marketing of Your Commercial Real Estate

Effective marketing and advertising is key to a quick and profitable commercial real estate sale. Our brokers specialize in proper placement of attention-grabbing signage to advertise your property to potential buyers in the area. In addition, we thoroughly market your real estate through commercial broker databases, public websites, and networking events. Our property selling services even include the hosting of special events on the property to raise interest and attract potential buyers or tenants.  We are members of the most popular and efficient commercial real estate websites and search engines for research and marketing purposes.

Reach out today if you’re ready to sell or lease your commercial property through our comprehensive selling services.

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